Greener Pastures Ranching Ltd.

Custom Feeding

At Greener Pastures Ranching we offer the option of taking care of your animals year round. We provide swath grazing and custom feeding at competitive rates. Our low stress animal handling and year round grazing management gives you quality animal care so that you can rest easy.

Bale Grazing

Our fertilizer program here consists of bringing in nutrients to recycle them through the animals. When it's necessary to feed stored forage we place it out in the pasture allowing the animals to 'graze' the bales without the confinement of a feedlot. This is better for the health of the animal and in turn distributes the manure out onto the land for us, saving unnecessary labour and equipment costs. This of course allows us to lower our yardage costs to the customer.

Swath Grazing

Swath grazing at Greener Pastures is practiced for a number of reasons;

1. Lowers the feed costs for our customers

2. Removes confinement feeding

3. Spreads manure in an economical fashion

4. Reduces labour and machinery costs

We move a portable electric fence allowing the animals to graze the swath with very little labour and machinery costs. Strap on your snowshoes and try it! We have grazed through up to two feet of snow, freezing rain and into late April.

We don't swath graze every year, but we can definitely lengthen the grazing season and reduce the costs of your cow herd.