Greener Pastures Ranching Ltd.

All Natural Pasture Raised Pork


Here at Greener Pastures Ranching we take the greatest pride and truly enjoy raising our pigs in a well managed rotational grazing system. Not only does rotational grazing, along with a diet consisting of organic oats, peas and barley, apple cider vinegar and garlic create a deliciously tender and healthy pork product, but it also allows us to improve the land base that we are running the pigs on.

Pastured pork has higher levels of omega 3's, CLA's and trace vitamins and minerals than conventionally raised pork. Try our pork products and taste the difference for yourself!

All of our pork is processed with Barrhead Custom Meats without the use of synthetic nitrates or gluten. It is wrapped in both brown wrap and cryovac. Our reasoning behind this wrapping is that it ensures that the meat that you receive is fresh and in terrific condition when you take it from your freezer.

Pastured Pork Halves and Wholes

With the changing of the leaves comes time to make some big decisions on how you want your pork cut and processed. By buying large cuts you are able to determine what cuts you want, how you would like them cut and how many cuts per package. The options are limitless.

We sell large cuts for $3.25/lb rail weight plus processing costs. The majority of our pigs range in size from 150 lbs - 200 lbs on the rail. The average butcher costs come to $370 per whole pig (this cost changes depending on processing options and size of pig). Just contact us for a cut sheet in the fall. Our 2017 butcher dates are October 18 and November 15, cut sheets need to be in before the butcher date in order to get your pig processed your way.

After e-mailing in your cut sheet Greener Pastures Ranching and the Barrhead Custom Meats does all of the rest of the work. You end up with boxes of cut and wrapped pork on your door step, your only job is to cook and enjoy!

Pastured Pork $100 Variety Packages

Did you miss the date to send in your cut sheet for a large cut order? Maybe you don't have the freezer space for a large amount of meat? Or just looking to sample some juicy and delicious pastured pork? Whatever your reasons might be, our $100 Variety Package is a terrific option. 

These are an 11lb mixture of whatever pork cuts we have on hand at the time of order. These are a variety of pork chops, pork steaks, breakfast sausage, sausage patties, bacon, ribs, roast, ground pork and pork hocks. 

Currently our packages are 25% off the regular price of $9/lb. With our current sale on you will receive 15 lbs of mixed cuts directly to your door, we deliver into the Edmonton area every couple of weeks. 

For more information or to place a pork order text or e-mail Amber at (780)887-3251 or 

Our Facebook page is also a terrific place to stay up to date on what is happening with delivery and butcher dates!